Association for the Promotion of Blockchain Technology in Germany

About Company

The German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) is a non-profit association advocating for Blockchain technology in Germany. The association was founded in Berlin in 2017 and quickly grew to more than sixty members nationwide, among them the leading startups in the blockchain sector with a base in Germany. Bundesblock members are convinced that blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography are fundamental infrastructure innovations and their adoption is necessary to keep Germany competitive in the digital world. Bundesblock initiatives focus on education both for decision makers in politics and industry-leading corporations, as well as the broader public. Recently, Bundesblock has entered into an active cooperation with selected Education Partners (e.g. ReDI School of Digital Integration). Together, Bundesblock and its partners want to empower people from all backgrounds to use blockchain technology to build a better world. The potential of Blockchain technology can only fully develop once citizens as well as private and public institutions connect with the technology, and once the technology itself has been recognized by law and society.

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